16-18th of March 2020, Bergen


Legacy newsmedia in the Nordics is under pressure and new strategic thinking is emerging. In the last 3 years we have become aware that the role of newsmedia for democratic life, including the strengthening of increasingly diverse communities is growing in importance. At the same time the world has woken up to unprecedented global challenges which have repercussions for the role and existense of newsmedia in the Nordics.

Strategy 3.0 means changing the strategic discussion of newsmedia from the dimensions of print versus digital, local versus national and public versus private. The relevance of newsmedia now needs to relate to a Bigger Picture, one of creating, maintaining and strengthening sustainable ways of life for readers and their communities in Nordic contexts.

In the second session of NMP 26, you will be challenged and helped to identify and form views of the most compelling questions of strategy and purpose for newsmedia and your organisation. This insight provides you with a platform for forming your approach to leadership and personal development in the ensuing workshops of NMP 26.

The Workshop will be arranged in collaboration with Mediacity and BI Norwegian Business School in Bergen. Mediacity is the largest cluster of companies and organisations for media development in Scandinavia. For participants of NMP 26 this will mean access to a uniquely cross-industrial range of specialists and leaders.


NMP is a leadership programme, but first and foremost it is a change programme. During the programme you will strengthen your understanding of the changes currently unsetteling the industry. Through dialogue with others you will create your own vision and story of change, helping you lead others through the turbulent times.



  • An overview and inspiration of what is happening in other media houses across the Nordic countries
  • Time to clear your thoughts on what you want and how you want your future to look like
  • A great compilation of the most recent research in leadership development, strategy and customer insight


The second session of NMP 26 will be co-hosted by Media City Bergen, a leading, international hub for media and technology innovation, with the Media Lab and a startup lab forming the core of the innovation and research projects for the cluster and cluster partners.

The cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment with Vizrt, Myreze, Vimond, Mediability, Sixty, Highsoft, TV 2, NRK, Bergens Tidende, BA and The University of Bergen (Dept. of Information Science and Media Studies) as key players. 


Bergen is a city of atmosphere and culture.  The hometown of the composer Edvard Grieg, and more recently of KYGO – it is a cultural hub filled with history and development. The area BRYGGEN is listed on the Unesco Heritage List.